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Foster Care Liaisons Defined

Foster care liaisons are the first point of contact for students with experience in foster care in higher education and help them navigate the institution, shares resources and benefits available to them, uses positive language focused on student strengths, and work with them to help them achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.

How to Find the Current List of Liaisons

Visit the College for All Texans website. Under “Eligibility Institutions,” select “List of Designated Liaisons.” You will be sent to the quarterly updated by The Higher Education Coordinating Board list of foster care liaisons.

Foster Care Liaison Guides

The two primary resources for foster care liaisons in higher education are:

Higher Education Liaison Guide front cover - images of students
Casey Family Programs Supporting Success front cover of student graduates

For other important information on benefits and other resources to support students with experience in foster care, visit our Resources tab and Understanding Benefits for Students with Experience in Foster Care tab.

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